10 Ways To Reach Bloggers To Sell Your Product

Last week I published a post about How To Get Press With No Contacts Or Budget. This post was really well received so I thought I'd write one with a focus on Bloggers. This has some similar tactics, but a few different approaches are needed.

1]: Create your list. Spend a couple of days compiling a list of the bloggers you want to target. These will be bloggers who's readership matches your target audience. This may be a instinctive guess, but doing things such as looking through their social media following to see who is engaging with them, is one way to find out. If the blogger you are after has an agent, they will have a media pack they can send to you too with a breakdown of their readership.

[2]: Understand them. Do a little digging on the posts they typically write about. Is their blog lifestyle focussed, product focussed etc? If you do this, you can engage with them when you write to them by mentioning a previous post and how much you liked it. It's often a good idea to let them know you are a fan by choosing a article to mention which wasn't very recent, so they think you've been a reader for some time. For example, starting an email with something like "I've been reading your blog a while now, since you wrote that post about X" will really connect with them. Bloggers love to know their content is loved, and if you are one of the people who love it they will be more inclined to speak to you.

[3]: Start small. Bloggers with a small readership are just as important as those with a large one - their readers could still be your customer. Make sure you reach out to as many low-profile bloggers as you can, as they are most likely to be interested in featuring you without any form of payment or incentive - they will likely just be flattered to hear from you. These bloggers are also more likely to use your imagery and share your content multiple times. 

[4]: Be human. Talk them through something personal about how you started or why you are where you are now. Tell them what it would mean if you could get some publicity in their blog and why it would really interest their readers. It would be great if you could find something you have in common with them too that you can mention. 

[5]: Blame the customer. Let the blogger you are reaching out to know that your consumer visits and loves their blog, and they have told you this! Even better, let this be the very reason you have reached out to them.

[6]: Bypass their agent. If you are looking to speak to a blogger with a large readership, they likely have an agent who is only interested in talking to you if there is something in it for them. However, reaching a high-profile blogger directly is really difficult without a personal connection from a friend or family member. If you're like me, and your friends and family seem to be very badly connected (or so they tell you), you have to try other routes. Firstly, look up the blogger on LinkedIn (often their blogging career is a sideline, and they have another profession), and if you have any mutual connections that is a great place to start. Another worthwhile attempt is typing their name into Facebook, you just never know what friend may know them!

If the above fails, make sure you check out their FAQ pages. Sometimes they have another email lingering in there, or their assistance's email.

[7]: Offer an incentive. Other than the obvious of sending them a product, If you can afford to give a blogger a % of your sales, this is a great way to entice them. Worth noting is that some large bloggers will only use their chosen affiliate programme, which is often not accessible to a small startup (e.g. RewardStyle). However, there are some affordable affiliate programmes out there which some bloggers will use such as LeadDyno or Affiliatly

Another incentive they may be interested in, is offering a discount to their readers. Bloggers love offering their readers great content and offers, so by providing a unique discount code to their readers may be the only thing you will need to do.

[8]: Meet them. This may seem difficult, but actually, bloggers are all over the place at the moment speaking at events. Make sure you keep informed as to when and where they are, and arrive early to grab their attention! 

[9]: Write them a letter. Bloggers often have addresses to send products to on their website, or at the hands of their agents. If you are struggling to get a response from them, drop them a well-presented note. Once they have that, you can email them to ask if they have received it.

[10]: Engage with them. Make sure you are commenting on their blog posts and liking their social media posts. The more they see you, the more they will remember you.

The above are just some ways you can reach out to bloggers, but if you have any questions do get in touch. :)