Why Your Brand Should Celebrate Valentine's Day

Ok, so you might think that Valentine's Day isn't for your brand. Cringy? Tasteless? Not Relevant?... 

Jumping on the back of themes from relevant holidays, and integrating them into your marketing efforts creates a unique opportunity to creatively reach your audience. There is so much out there, that you just have to find new ways to grab your audience's attention, and standard day-to-day marketing just isn't enough. Valentine’s Day has the potential to remind consumers why they love you, and for you to show that love in return.

5 ways you can incorporate Valentine's day into your marketing efforts:

1. Share love. Just a little bit of love shared on your social channels and email marketing activity is a nice touch. Perhaps you can use this an excuse to say thank you to your customers. Importantly, make sure your campaign and tone of voice is consistent across all the platforms you are using to share this message, and don’t try to appeal to everyone – know and understand your audience, and what kind of message they would like to receive. Key here is to try and make it as personal as possible.

2. Gift. Customers love feeling like they have got something for free. Encouraging sales by offering a gift-with-purchase, or sending out a voucher to be redeemed on Valentine's Day orders, is a great way to give to your customers, whilst also generating an uplift in sales. 

3. Create a Partnership. If it doesn't make sense for you to offer a gift, deal or service on Valentine's Day, or if you simply can't afford to, you can join together with somebody else to offer an incentive to your customer that you simply can’t fulfil on your own. You then also get the benefit of the dual brand following. 

4. Run a Competition. Running a Valentine's Day themed competition may be a great way to encourage engagement. As Valentine's Day is all about giving, sharing and love, you can make the most of this by encouraging your customers to share your content. You can launch this competition on one social media platform, but don't limit it. Think beyond Valentine's Day and link the campaign to your website to encourage email sign-ups, or encourage following on other channels.

5. Get Personal. Already hinted to at #1, personalisation is extremely important, and Valentine's Day is a great time to make the most of it. If you have the tools to do this, send out personalised emails addressing your customer, or send them a handwritten note. Even better, perhaps Valentine's Day can be the time that you collect more information from your customer; during sign-up or as part of an email campaign, you can ask them for more information (name, date of birth, gender etc). Think: "Let's take this to the next stage" "Let's get to know each other"